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smart is more.

connect the dots.

i-OP is an automated photo/video studio that speeds up a product’s time-to-market, producing more contents less costly. Join a simplified work flow – switch between still shots and video with ease.

No need for complex team constellations, time consuming post-production or multiple photographic setups between stills and video. With our automated systems your image production process is heavenly reduced, allowing for more content creation sustained by smarter budgeting.

why i-OP?

Drive conversion with consistent imagery – automate your shooting settings and experience a great result time after time.

Drive conversion with fully understandable video features – your products more coherent to real life experience.

Simplified work flow and less people involved on set – optimised budget to create more contents.

The technology we use are photo and video automation tools developed for fashion and product e-commerce. Thanks to an ‘all-in-one’ content creation system we can optimize the production flow of pro-quality product photos and videos.

Switch between still shots and video as you prefer – maintaining image quality and visual consistency between the two.

World leading technology.

For people & products

- Live

An all-in-one content creation tool for high-quality model photography and video. Live is a smart and user-friendly tool that speeds up your studio-to-web time significantly.


small objects

- Eclipse

A powerful all-in-one system to shoot smaller objects, Eclipse captures high-quality photos and videos of accessories and jewellery, cosmetics, food, smaller tech-products etc – Style, shoot, and export your content with ease.

Close the gap between online and offline shopping – advance your sales with video.

Comfortably create extraordinary content for your e-commerce and social media.


“Seconds - not days.”

video editing done on the spot

Flat lay & mannequin

- Vertical

With Vertical you’re fully equipped to shoot background-free mannequin packshots and hanging flat lay.

Pro-quality content for fashion e-commerce!


Background free.

Live - stills and video

Full length model shots and/or portrait, medium-size products such as furniture, bicycles etc.


We've got you covered - let us know what you need!

Art Direction/Styling

We are with you - let's talk

Eclipse - stills and video

Smaller products such as accessories and jewellery, shoes, food, cosmetics, tech items and many more.


We've got you covered - let us know what you need!

Art Direction/Styling

We are with you - let's talk

Vertical - stills

Hanging flat lay or mannequin still shots with background free result.


We've got you covered

Art Direction/Styling

We are with you - let's talk

who is i-OP?

Founded by 5 people from varied professional backgrounds.

A team of people with excellent know-how in Software Technology, Sportswear Manufacturing, Commercial Fashion Strategy and Sales, Business Development and Management, Creative Direction and Fashion Photography Production.

i-OP is here to close the gap existing in the sphere of e-commerce photography. We believe that technology and future-forward thinking and action can help brands and retail businesses to better plan and execute their visual content imagery. This way the requirements from digital shopping channels, rapidly evolving social media and new shopping behaviours can be more efficiently met.

We are here to help you create more – with speed, quality and consistency.


…and a more efficient image production strategy, spending your budget smarter – there, we said it.

We can't wait to meet you.


Yes, of course! We will support your people during the shoot and looking forward to working together.

This depends on the quantity of images and the retouch direction that you might have, but you are always our first priority, so count on a rapid closure. Your video material is edited on the spot, with immediate delivery possibilities.

Yes, if there is time available on the day booked, you pay an extra fee/hour overdraft.

Yes, it is possible paying an additional fee.

Our aim is to listen carefully to your preferences when planning the production. We believe in human relations, although we cheer for innovative technology, and therefore we try to meet your directions as per the brief. Repeated partnership between you and ourself will soon grow into a solid production flow, that you (and us too) can feel proud of.

Yes, with pleasure! We have a solid network of professionals that we collaborate with.

Yes, of course! Please send us a message or call the studio to schedule an appointment.